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Johannes (1704-1730) Erben,,

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Ratelband, Johannes (1704-1730) Erben

Kleyne an beknopte Atlas


Gesamten Atlas ansehen / display all maps and views

Kleyne en beknopte atlas, of toneel des oorlogs in Europa

The Kleyne en Beknopte atlas, published at Amsterdam in 1735 by the heirs of J. Ratelband, was preceded in 1702 by Daniel de la Feuille's Atlas portatif. It was finally published in a modified form in 1735. Copies of the Ratelband edition are in the Rijksprentenkabinet, Amsterdam, and in the Royal Library Albert I, Brussels. It appears to be a "war atlas", inter afia concerned with the Spanish War of Succession. From advertisements in the Amsterdamsche Courant it appears that the atlas could initially be bought for 12 guilders, and later for 15 guilders. The maps from the atlas also occur in the Europische Mercurius, a kind of biannual news- chronicle. The atlas of the Ratelband heirs contains the following categories of illustration: small-scale maps, town plans (mostly fortification maps), maps of military operations, town views (oblique perspective pictures and town profiles), pictures of buildings, and pictures of counts and dukes. The prints are rich in symbolism: there are all kinds of mythological and allegorical images, and the rivalling countries are often represented by animals, e.g. the French cock, the unicorn with an open crown around its neck (England), the eagle (German Empire) and the Dutch lion.

über 200 Ansichten und Karten, Originalband, feine Erhaltung, Altkoloriert
more than 200 old-colored views and maps in fine condition and original cover

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Enstehungszeit / time of origin: 1735
Größe/size (in cm.) ca.:22x34x5,5
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