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Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827),,tumbing into
the water

Rowlandson, Thomas (1756-1827)


Thomas ROWLANDSON was born in London, England in 1756. He was the son of an unsuccessful merchant. He nevertheless received a decent education and travelled extensively in Europe and the British Isles. He was to become on the of most famous political lampoonists and caricaturists of his age - the era of King George III. There was little censorship at the time & some 'vicious' cartoons were drawn of political figures. Even Royalty did not escape. Rowlandson turned his talent as a draughtsman, etcher and engraver of aquatints, to good advantage. Perhaps his most enduring works are the plates drawn for the very successful 'DR SYNTAX' series of books, which we concern ourselves with on these Web Pages. He was employed by such as Rudolph ACKERMANN (1764-1834), publisher for many contemporary artists, including Henry Alken. Their reputation for the highest quality hand coloured aquatints rests on the considerable range of fine topographical and other subjects portrayed in their numerous publications. These included the English Public Schools, Rugby, Winchester, Eton, Harrow as well as the Universities of Oxford & Cambridge. The Syntax Books were to be republished several times over the next 80 years. William Coombe wrote the stories in the form of prolonged poems. Rowlandson illustrated the events during the 'life' of the mythical Dr Syntax. The 3 books of the series are detailed in this page, which forms this section of our numerous Reference Pages. The sequel, The History of Johnny Quae Genus, who had been 'found' by Dr Syntax before his demise, is also covered here. It would seem that Rowlandson gambled away the earnings from his profession! He died in 1827.

Doctor Syntax taumelt ins Wasser

Dr. Syntax
tumbing into the water

Aquatinta und Aquarell
Aquatinta and old original watercolor-wash

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Enstehungszeit / time of origin: ca. 1820
Größe/size (in cm.) ca.:15x24


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