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Adler, Marie (1863-1947),Michaelerkirche,St.
Michaels Church

Adler, Marie (1863-1947)

Vienna in Austria
St. Michaels Church

Here some more insight in Marie Adlers life , thanks to Heather Pert, USA:
Marie Adler, born March 31, 1863 - Kopcsan near Lundenburg, Old Austria. Died Aug 10, 1947 in Hollywood, California. Father: Kaiserlicher Rat Karl Schmalfuss Mother: Wihlidka. Her great-grandfather, Leopold Schmalhofer, was an engraver in Vienna. 1789 he was employed as engraver by the K.K. Mojolika-Geschirr Fabrik (Imperial-Royal Majolika Factory) in Holitsch near Vienna, where, after a short time, he was promoted to Artistic Director. As such he worked there to his death in 1831. The Osterreichische Museum fur Kunst und Industrie (Austrian Museum for Art and Industry) in Vienna, ownes two large plates signed by him. A number of other works of his are in the Budapest Kunstgewerbe Museum (Museum of Arts and Crafts). Marie Adler's grandfather, Josef Wihlidka, was also employed as designer in the Holitsch-factory. Marie spent her youth in the Imperial Estates Mannersdorf, Orth, and Holitsch. Her father was supervisor of the castles there. After her marriage to Heinrich Adler, journalist, she moved to Vienna. She went to an Art school and studied etching with Ludwig Michalek, a famous Viennese etcher. Her etchings were acquired by State and City Collections, shown in exhibitions in Austria and other countries and won a prize in a Paris Exhibition. She made 39 etchings, showing Viennes streets and buildings and about 30 other etchings, showing Salzburg, Yugoslavian towns, Grado near Triest and Chilon in Switzerland. After Hitler's invasion of Austria, she moved (in 1939) to Hollywood, where she died after a prolonged sickness, in 1947. Originalradierung, signiert

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Enstehungszeit / time of origin: ca. 1902
Größe/size (in cm.) ca.:36x21


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