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Rossini, Luigi (1790-1857),Wasserfälle,

Rossini, Luigi (1790-1857)

Rossini was born in 1790 in Ravenna.
He studied Architecture there and at Bologna and at Rome, where he stayed and worked in the city and its surroundings for the rest of his life, only taking a short break for his Rome to Naples expedition. He produced his first published work "Prospectiva di Roma" in c. 1815, and not being able to make a living as an architect, he decided to concentrate on engraving. His greatest work is "Le Antichite Romane", 101 views of ancient Rome (1819-1823). He had a happy marriage with six children, and died while working on collection of views of the Roman Fora in 1857 at the age of 66. His main published works are: 1817-18 Prospective di Roma 1817 50 Principal views of the Antiquities taken from recent Roman excavations 1819-23 101 Engravings of Ancient Rome 1826 73 Engravings of Antiquities surrounding Rome ... 1828 56 Engravings of the most interesting monuments of Rome. 1836 75 Engravings ..of Triumphal .. Arches 1839 81 Engravings of a picturesque journey from Rome to Naples In all he produced over 0 engravings. Rossini was fortunate to have lived at a time when Rome's ancient monuments were being excavated. So he was able to draw complete buildings which would have ben partly hidden to 18th century artists. However appreciation of his work suffers greatly from a comparison with Piranisi's. Piranisi was the great master of light and shade and any architectural engraver pales beside him when looked at from this angle. They both used the same models, but Rossini drew them as an antiquarian, and if we put Piranesi from our minds and look at Rossini's engravings as sensitive and imaginative records of these powerful Roman remains we will be better able to appreciate him.

Tivoli bei Rom
Wasserfälle des Aniene in Tivoli



Tivoli veduta a Levante nel Bosco di Tiburno da un lato della Villa d'Orazio


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Enstehungszeit / time of origin: 1824
Größe/size (in cm.) ca.:45x40


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