14 IM's (informers) of the East German secret service "Stasi" snooped about Frank C. Kempe:
Here is, how those evil guys tought about him (not too bad - you can suspect their respect):

attn. Person Kempe, Frank:

"between 1954 and 1962 he attended the junior-highschool in Dresden Platanenweg 3 and later a high-school which he  graduaded with the note 2 (good) After his apprenticeship as a merchant he worked as a buyer and consultant in his fathers art-dealership NOVA in Dresden, Strasse der Befreiung. In this time he aquired an above agerage knowledge and ability as a businessman in the antiques-field. Besides of it he studied art history and archeology. Tracking down estates of old painters or descendants of old art-collectors and art-dealers was his hobby. Our assesment is that K. (Kempe) is well-versed in almost every field of art-collecting.