Frank C. Kempe


Frank Christian Kempe

Professional art-dealer since 1964

Titurelstr. 2
D-81925 München

Tel. +49 89 / 29 86 26
or: +49 89 / 23512987 (skype)
Fax. +49 89 / 22 58 79

Frank C. Kempe was born 1948 in Dresden (Saxony). He spent his childhood and youth in this destroyed city. In 1964 hejoined the old, family owned,  fine-art repository NOVA. His experience in the practical field of art dealing was expanded by studies of art history and graphic techniques at the famous Dresden Art Academy. The old family business became a victim of a communist nationalization campaign. After the expropriation and massive harassment of the East German  political police and instrument of suppression  Stasi  Frank Kempe found a way to cross the border to West Germany and founded Gallery SAXONIA in the heart of Munich. Here some references :  


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